Bagha Shahi Masjid

Bagha, Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Bagha Shahi Masjid
Bagha is one of the oldest cities in North Bengal. Its authenticity is proved by historical reviews and historical monuments. In this ancient city on the banks of the Padma, there is the historic "Shahi Mosque" whose inscriptions and handicrafts attract tourists. The place has been known as one of the tourist destinations for many centuries and is being used by the public. It is known from Dalil Dastmabej that the mosque was built by Nusrat Shah, son of Hussain Shah in 1523-1524 AD (930 AH). The mosque is 60 feet long and 36 feet wide. The mosque stands on 04 pillars of black stone. There are 04 domes on the roof, 02 large and 01 small arches on the west wall. The inside and outside walls of the mosque are decorated with Arabic inlaid bricks and stones.

The portrait of which is being adorned on the fifty taka note of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. There is a huge lake on the north-east side of the mosque. Which is contemporary with the mosque. The water of the lake is very clear and it is surrounded by various species of trees. In winter, many guest birds from far away Siberia flock to the lake. Archaeological monuments and their craftsmanship are playing a pioneering role as a pilgrimage for travelers. There are also numerous tombs and shrines of Shah Sufis.

How to get there:
First you have to take a bus from the district town to Bagha bus terminal, then from there you have to go to Bagha mosque by rickshaw / van.

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