Chini Masjid

Nilphamari, Bangladesh
Chini Masjid
Chini Masjid is located at Syedpur Upazila of Nilphamari district. Saidpur is the northern railway and industrial city of Bangladesh. Chini Masjid is one of the most fascinating and distinctive architects. Chini Masjid is also known as the glass Mosque. Chini Masjid or Glass Mosque was established in 1883.

Glass mosque was built in only 1 year which seems unbelievable when we take our eyes to the design of the external and internal parts. To decorate Chini Masjid, 283 pieces of Cross Marble stones were used. Along with Cross Marble stones, 25 tons of small chips of Chinaware-plate and pieces of glass (both color and non-color) porcelain were also used. This mosque has 27 towers from which 5 towers are still incomplete.

How To Go
One can start his journey for the monument from Dinajpur town or Sayedpur Airport by any kind of motorized vehicle. We suggest travelers to hire a rickshaw van of take a ride by ‘Nosimon’ from the place called ‘Das Mile*, which means 10 miles’ upto ‘Baro Mile*, which means 12 miles’ boat point. It may take 10-20 Taka person for ride.

Dinajpur and Dhaka are also linked by road. You take a bus from Dhaka to get to Dinajpur.