Choto Sona Mosque

Chapai Nawabganj, Bangladesh
Choto Sona Mosque
The small Sona Mosque is known as the 'jewel of Sultanate architecture'. It is located half a kilometer southeast of the Tahkhana Complex at the Ferozpur Quarters in Gaur-Lakhnauti, the capital of Bengal, and about three kilometers south of the Kotwali Darwaza. Its location covers the western part of the south bank of a huge lake. Some distance west of the mosque is a modern two-storey guest house built a few years ago by the Archaeological Survey of the Government of Bangladesh. A modern road runs north-south through guest houses and mosques.

The road seems to be old-fashioned and once it was the gate of Kotwali connecting the southern suburbs with the main town of Gaur-Lakhnauti. The mosque was built by a Majlis-i-Majalis Majlis Mansur Wali Muhammad bin Ali, according to an inscription on the top of the main entrance. The characters in the inscription have been deleted with the exact date of construction. However, from the mention of the name of Sultan Alauddin Hussain Shah in it, it is clear that the mosque was built at some point during his reign (1494-1519).

How to get there:
About 35 km from Chapainawabganj. You can go by bus or CNG. About 45 m. It takes from 1 hour.