Ganga Moti Reserved Forest and Jhau Bon

Barisal, Bangladesh
Ganga Moti Reserved Forest and Jhau Bon
Ganga Moti Reserved Forest and Jhau Bon It is an evergreen mangrove forest located at the eastern end of the beach of Kuakata. As a mangrove forest, Gongamati, like the Sundarbans, offers some protection against tidal surges. However, it too is being threatened by logging and deforestation. The best way to reach the forest is by foot or bike along the beach, where flag-flying fishing boats can be seen trawling the coast. Visiting Gangamati in the late afternoon is a perfect time to watch the sun cast shadows on the exposed mangrove roots.

The most attractive thing at Gangamoti Forest is a series of interconnected lakes.

The evening is the perfect time to view the sun shadows on the abstract exposed mangrove roots of the forest. It is popular to view sunrise and sunset.

How To Go
From Dhaka, you can reach Kuakata directly from Gabtali or Sayedabad bus stand in multiple transport vehicles including BRTC, Druti Paribahan, Sakura Paribahan. You can also rent a car from anywhere. However, after Barisal, you have to cross the Lebukhali ferry to reach Kuakata by road.

From Dhaka Sadarghat, get in the luxury double-decker MV Parbat, MV Beach, MV Sundarbans, MV Sampad, MV Prince of Barisal, MV Patarhat, MV Upakul Launch Cabin in the morning to Patuakhali or You can reach the tourist center Kuakata by getting off at Kalapara, adding a rent-a-car and taking a bus on the Patuakhali-Kuakata route. Launches on the mentioned routes from Dhaka leave the launch dock between 5 pm and 6 pm.

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