Jadukata River

Sunamganj, Bangladesh
Jadukata River
Jadukata River originates in Meghalaya and flows into Bangladesh at Sunamganj. The river is close to the TanguarHaor. It is a blue river and the water is so clear that you can see the river bed in the shallow areas. The river gets wider in rains. In winter miles of white sandy banks give a different look and tell a different story. Strong current during rains carries stones from Meghalaya which are deposited at the mouth. When water passes soothingly through these stones you get an eternal feeling. On the bank of the river, there is a small hillock of about 150 feet high. This is called the Barik Tila. It defines the Bangladesh Border with India. People ride the hillock to get a wider and clearer view. From its top, things down are seen smaller. From this side of the border, a stunning view of panoramic mountains and forest of Meghalaya is available.

How To Go
You can reach Sunamganj by bus from anywhere in the country and go to Jadukata river by tempo / CNG / boat.

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