Jaflong Waterfall

Sylhet, Bangladesh
Jaflong Waterfall
Jaflong is a wonderful tourist spot 56 kilometers away from the Sylhet city. The Spot filled with mountains and streams offers a wide variety of experiences for the visitors. Here you will find the rolling rocks, crystal clear water of the Goain River abound with fish and other aquatic features. The indigenous people khasia live in this region for thousands of years whose colorful lifestyle is a lifetime experience for you. Located in Gowainghat Upazila of Sylhet District.

How To Go
Using road/train/air from any places to Sylhet then By local transport to Destination. The distance from the Sylhet district headquarters by road is only 56 km. Travel from Sylhet: From Sylhet, you can take a bus/microbus / CNG powered autorickshaw to Jaflong. It will take 1 hour to 1.30 hours. From Sylhet, you can go by bus, microbus, CNG autorickshaw, or Laguna to Jaflong. The bus fare to Jaflong will be 60 takas per person. The fare of microbus for coming and going will be 3000-3500 taka.

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