Mainamati War Cemetery

Comilla, Bangladesh
Mainamati War Cemetery
The Mainamati Rann Cemetery is the graveyard of Indian (then) and British soldiers killed in World War II (1903-1945). It was built in 1947. This war mausoleum is located very close to Comilla Cantonment, about 9 km from Comilla city. The cemetery was established by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) and they manage the cemetery. Every year in November, an annual prayer meeting is held here with religious leaders of all religions.

There are 637 graves in the cemetery. Most of these graves are of the dead soldiers of the hospital at that time. Moreover, some bodies were transferred from different places after the war and buried here. According to the force, there are 3 sailors, 56 soldiers and 18 pilots. A total of 623 people were identified.

How To Go
Buses or taxis can be added from Comilla city.

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