Mohammad Ali Chowdhury Mosque

Feni, Bangladesh
Mohammad Ali Chowdhury Mosque
The Mohammad Ali Chowdhury Mosque is located in the Sadar Upazila of the district and it is a nationally preserved antiquity. In the Mughal era, a local landlord Mohammad Ali Chowdhury built the mosque in Sharshodi of Feni in 1762. He was appointed by the emperor to work in this area at that time. In his time, he constructed numerous buildings and this mosque is one of the most prominent ones among the buildings. During the Anti-British movement in 1790, he lost his title of Zamindar (landlord).

The three-domed mosque is located inside the Sharshodi Madrasha. The mosque is currently owned and preserved by the Department of Archeology of Bangladesh. Recently, the old walls of the mosque have been newly painted. A reddish door marks the entrance of the main mosque building. Inside the entrance, there is an open plain land followed by the main mosque building. Over the main dome, there is a tall decorated elevated black minaret. The minaret is encircled by bricks on all four sides. On the east side of the building, there is a big entrance and there is two decorated arch-like architecture on both sides to the entrance. This 250 years old historical heritage is a special attraction for the tourists.

How To Go
After reaching at Feni, take local transport to reach Dhaka-Chittagong Highway at Feni Sadar to visit the place.

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