Moharaj’s Dighi

Panchagarh, Bangladesh
Moharaj’s Dighi
Close to the king’s palace, there was a big pond known to Maharaja's Dighi. Maharaja's Dighi is a big volume water reservoir. The volume of it including the sides is about 800X400=3,20,000 square yards. Local inhabitants believe that water is about 40 feet deep here. Water is transparent. There are 10 ghats in the Dighi. It is thought that the king Prithu dug this Dighi. There is hearsay that after being afraid of extinction of religion from an attack of a low class “Kichok”, king Prithu along with family-relatives and wealth killed themselves in this Dighi. Every year, there is a fair on the sides of this Dighi on the occasion of the new Bangla year. Sometimes, the presence of Indian people is noticeable in the fair.

How To Go
Both AC and non AC buses are available from Dhaka to Panchagarh and Tetulia. Local bus or auto rickshaw or van is available to go to Jagdal and Satmera from Panchagarh. Although the fare is not so high, it is fixed on discussion.

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