Nijhum Dwip

Noakhali, Bangladesh
Nijhum Dwip
Nijhum Dwip (Silent Island') is a small island under Hatiya Upazila of Noakhali District. It is a cluster of islands that emerged in the early 1950s. The main attraction is the herd of about 5000 cheetal or spotted deer, monkeys, a huge number of mated birds come in the winter season, enhancing the beauty of this island. Now this island has been declared as the unique eco-tourist spot.

Migratory Birds in Nijhum Dwip: During winter, thousands of migratory birds flock into the island. The fishermen use the airy and sunny land as an ideal place for drying their catches from the sea. Sometimes many of them also construct straw huts on the island as seasonal residences.

In 1974 the Forest Department took an afforestation program for a duration of twenty years on the north side of the island. Covering an area of nine thousand acres, it has now developed into a deep forest with a variety of plant species. Among the trees, Keora is much seen. Besides this Gewa, Kankra, Bain, Babul, Karamja, Pashur, and many other species are seen.

On 8 April 2001, the government declared the 40,390 acres (16,345 ha) of the forest of Jahajmara range including 9,550 acres (3,865 ha) of forest land on Nijhum Dwip as a National Park for the protection and development of the biodiversity of the forest. But in practice, there a very lazy appearance of that declaration.

It was named 'Nijhum Dwip' by former Minister Amirul Islam Kalam in 1975 observing its isolation and mild nature.

How To Go
By using road/train/air from any places to Chattogram, then By local transport to Destination. From Noakhali district headquarters Maijdi, first, you have to go to the Sonapur bus stand. From there you have to get off at Chairman Ghat by any local bus service / CNG autorickshaw going to Chairman Ghat. After that, you can get off at Nalchira Ghat by Citrock / Launch Service, add CNG Autorickshaw to Jahajmara Ghat, cross the Jahajmara Channel by boat and reach Nijhum Island.