Ramsagar National Park

Dinajpur, Bangladesh
Ramsagar National Park
Ramsagar is the largest man-made lake in Bangladesh situated in the village Tejpur eight kilometer south of the Dinajpur town. The lake-wide is about 1079 m north-south and length 192.6 m in East-West. Ramsagar was established in the mid-1750s by Raja Ram Nath. About 1.5 million workers took part to dig the lake and the total cost is 30000 TK at that time.

The total area of Ramsagar National Park about 60 square km. Forest Department of Bangladesh has planted different types of ornamental and fruit trees that have flourished and become forested areas. Around the Ramsagar it is a familiar picnic place for tourists. The Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation has improved some tourist facilities around Ramsagar Lake, such as restrooms, picnic spots, and kiosks to sell refreshments, as well as playgrounds for children to enjoy.

The lake is full of different types of fishes. There have some freshwater crocodiles. In the national park, there have some animals such as Deer, Wild Boar, Blue Bull, Sloth Bear, and Hyena. There some birds such as White-Breasted Water Hen, Jacanas, Moorhen, River Tern, Sand Piper, Ringed Plover, and Grey and Purple Herons are seen. Moreover, the lake is a safe place for migratory birds.

Whatever it is a place that is full of natural beauty. So the government should give more concentration about the National park.

How to go
One can start his journey for the monument from Dinajpur town or Sayedpur Airport by any kind of motorized vehicle. We suggest travelers hire a rickshaw van or take a ride by ‘Nosimon’ from the place called ‘Das Mile*, which means 10 miles’ up to ‘Baro Mile*, which means 12 miles’ boat point. It may take 10-20 Taka person for ride.

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