Satchari National Park

Habiganj, Bangladesh
Satchari National Park
Satchari National Park is a national park in Habiganj District, Bangladesh. After the 1974 Wild Life Preservation Act, in 2005 Satchari National Park was built on 243 hectares (600 acres) of land. Literally 'Satchari' in Bengali means 'Seven Streams'. There are seven streams flowing in this jungle, and the name 'Satchari' came from there.

The name satchhari means “Seven streams” being a reference to the streams flowing through the forest, providing plenty of water for the lushly evergreen forest and flora and fauna. It is a superb slab of tropical forest with a higher diversity of plants and animals. There are a number of marked walking trails, several streams, some hoolock gibbons, otters, jungle fowls, pygmy woodpeckers, and orient pied hornbills in this forest.

How to Go
The park is located on Raghunandan hill in Chunarughat Upazila of Habiganj district. Its road distance from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is 130 kilometers. There are 9 tea gardens near the garden. Satchhari Tea Garden is located on the west side of the garden and Chaklapunji Tea Garden is located on the east side. Inside the park, 24 families of a hill tribe live in Tipra Para. This tropical and mixed evergreen forest is located at the junction of the Indian subcontinent and the Indo-China region.

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