Susang Durgapur

Netrokona, Bangladesh
Susang Durgapur
Susang Durgapur situated in one of the districts of Bangladesh called Netrakona is 182 km from Dhaka. It is a genuine natural splendor of woodland river & hills where the Garos and other tribals reside. One can easily take pleasure in boating in the river, seeing the green bushes around, climbing hills, etc. Wild elephants at times come from the jungle. However, going to Susang Durgapur is bothersome for both the domestic and overseas tourists because of the communication problem in this area. Nonetheless, especially during winter, Durgapur is crowded with many tourists.

How To go
By bus from Dhaka to Mymensingh, Mymensingh via Shyamganj Durgapur, or by bus from Dhaka to Netrokona, Netrokona to Durgapur. Then you can cross the Someshwari river by rickshaw or motor bike and take a semi-paved road to reach the plain area of ​​Vijaypur.