Boga Lake

Bandarban, Bangladesh
Boga Lake
Boga Lake, situated 18 kilometers away from Ruma Upazila headquarters of Bandarban District, is the most beautiful natural lake in Bangladesh. There are many mythological stories about the creation of the lake which inspire the young and adventure lovers to explore this wonderful natural reservoir of blue waters trekking all the way from Ruma.

It is a natural sweet and deep water lake. Its height from sea level is nearly 1,246 feet (380 m). Geologists believe that it was created by a collection of rainwater in summer. The lake is irregular in shape. A team of geologists surveyed this lake in 1973. They found the lake's water to be too acidic for any form of life. By the year 1995, the lake's water became abundant with plants and fish. The local resident's culture and gather Tilapia fish in this lake. People of the Bawm tribe migrated from Saikot para to Boga Lake and set up this village.

A local legend tells that the lake was created after the inhabitants of a Khumi village killed and later devoured a deity who later reappeared to them in the form of a dragon. Instantly an earthquake occurred, the hillside caved in, and the village disappeared and formed a deep lake.

The lake is bounded on three sides by mountain peaks covered with thick bamboo forests. The area of the lake is 18.56 acres (75,100 m2). It is a closed lake and there is a small spring named Boga chhara, which is 153 meters (502 ft) deep. There is no outlet for draining out water from the lake. The lake is composed of the soft rocks of the Bhuban Formation. The main source of water is rain in summer. The water is greenish due to the abundance of algae. The lake's bed is covered with boulders, like any other hill surface in that area. The lake's water was the only source of water for drinking, washing, and bathing until 2012. Later, a pipe network was set up to bring stream water for drinking and household activities.

How To Go
You have to make a trip from Bandarban to Ruma by “Chander Gari” (public jeep) or a private vehicle. From Ruma, you can hire public jeep up to Boga Lake. You can also walk to Boga Lake in the winter season. It will require 6 hours to reach Boga Lake.

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