Nafakhum Waterfall

Bandarban, Bangladesh
Nafakhum Waterfall
Nafakhum, the most beautiful waterfall in Bangladesh, is situated in the deep forest of Bandarban. The fall is created when the wild hilly river Sangu suddenly falls down. It is a perfect place for adventure lovers as well as nature lovers. You need to walk for about 2-3 hours from Remakri of Thanchi Upazila to reach the spot.

The falls are located in a remote area two hours' walking distance from Remakree Bazar, Thanchi Upazila, Bandarban District. In the rainy season, while water level increases, navigation by boat to Ngafakhong is about 20-25 minutes journey which can be hired from Remaikree estuary. Remakree is located three hours by boat on the Sangu River from Tindu, which is itself three hours by boat from Thanchi. Ngfa-Khong is very popular as a tourist destination. But due to the increasing number of mass touring the surrounding ecology has been deteriorated these days.

How To Go
Forgoing Nafakhum, you have to first come Bandarban district. Then you have to use local transport for reaching Thanchi Upazila. At last, you have to go Remokrri by boat in the Sangu river and then Nafakhum.

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