Patisar Rabindra Kachari Bari

Naogaon, Bangladesh
Patisar Rabindra Kachari Bari
The Jorasanko Tagore family of Calcutta had a total of three zamidari in Bangladesh including Shilaidaha, Shahzadpur and Kaligram Parganas. According to Divide and conquer sources, Kaligram Pargana fell to Rabindranath. According to Ghulam Murshid, Rabindranath Tagore came to Patisar in December 1890 to take charge of the zamindari. According to Ahmad Rafiq, Rabindranath Tagore left Shahjadpur for Patisar on 13 January 1891 and probably reached Patisar on 16 January. In a letter to his wife Mrinalini Devi from Patisar, he wrote, "Today I arrived in Kaligram, it took three days." Kacharibari is located on the banks of Nagar river. The Kacharibari was renovated in 1991 after construction. There are many monuments of Rabindranath Tagore here.

Devendra Mancha and Rabindra Sarobar are next to the Kachari house. Rabindra Janmajayanti is celebrated here on 25th Baishakh every year. He wrote about Patisar - like other five villages in Bangladesh, Patisar is a small village, but in the language of the locals it is Gandgram. The importance of this village is different as it is the headquarters of the zamindari of Patisar-Kaligram Pargana. Here he saw the miserable faces of the large rural Bengali people. The poet descends to the dusty earth, to the shores of the world, in his language, to determine his position with the people by saying ‘farewell from heaven’.

He protected the poor in the underdeveloped parganas by building roads, digging wells, lakes, ponds, clearing jungles, arranging rural arbitration and protecting the poor from the interest of moneylenders. Rabindranath attached more importance to education besides development of Parganas. He introduced unpaid education in the villages for the education of these people. Rabindranath Tagore established three schools in 1913 to enlighten the people of Kaligram Pargana in education. He used all the money from the Nobel Prize for the development of Kaligram Parganas. In Patisar he established the Kaligram Rathindranath Institute. From 1991 to 1937 he wrote numerous poems, songs, stories, novels and letters.

How to get there:
Distance from the Naogaon district headquarters is 48 kmi. Any vehicle can be reached by road.

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