Sholoani Saikat

Munshiganj, Bangladesh
Sholoani Saikat
Sholanni Saikat, now known as Sholoani Saikat, is located at Gazaria police station in Munshiganj district, about 50 km from Dhaka. This place was earlier known as Daulatpur. The Construction of dams with CC blocks on the Meghna River to prevent river erosion further enhances the beauty of the place and attracts nature lovers. Due to the short distance from Dhaka, this place has gained a lot of popularity among the bikers in a very short time. In the beautiful environment of the 5 km long Sholanni beach, you can enjoy the boat ride on the Meghna river, floating in the white clouds in the in finite blue sky, the beauty of the wanderful sunset or the enchanting form of the moon. Besides, there is an opportunity to rent a boat and float on the Meghna.

How to go:
If you want to go to sholoani saikat, you have to take Gazaria Paribahan, Daudkandi or Gauripur – bound BRTC bus from Gulistan in the Capital Dhaka to Bhaberchar bus Stand. From Bhaberchar bus Stand, you can take CNG, first get off at Rasulpur, then take another CNG to Sholanni Stand and walk to Sholanni beach. If you want, you can come directly to sholanni beach with CNG reserve from Bhaberchar bus stand. From Gulistan to Bhaberchar the fare of Gazaria transport is 60 rupees per person and the fare of BRTC AC bus is 110 rupees. Local CNG fare from Rasulpur to Sholanni is 20 rupees per person. The CNG reserve fare from Bhaberchar to Sholanni beach is 200 rupees.

Address: Sholo Ani ghat road, Gazaria, Munshiganj , Dhaka, Bangladesh

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