Baba Adam Mosque

Munshiganj, Bangladesh
Baba Adam Mosque
Baba Adam Mosque is an ancient mosque situated in Munshiganj district, which was built in the fifteenth century. In this mosque regular prayer was done in the congregation. The Shrine of Mr. Baba Adam (R.) is located on the premises of this mosque. Since 1948, the Department of Archaeology of the Government of Bangladesh has been supervising this establishment.

How To Go
Munshiganj is the adjoining district of Dhaka. The mosque adjacent to the shrine of Hazrat Baba Adam Shaheed (ra) is located at Rampal in Munshiganj Sadar Upazila. The distance from Dhaka to Munshiganj by road is only 23 kilometers. However, to reach this shrine, you have to come within 05 (about) kilometers. You can come from Dhaka in the morning and return to Dhaka in the afternoon after visiting the shrine and visiting the mosque. It will not be difficult to go by road. However, if you go by water, time will be saved and you can reach comfortably by enjoying the beauty of the river by avoiding traffic jams. Munshiganj Launch Ghat can be reached within 2 hours by launch from Sadar Ghat to Munshiganj. From Munshiganj Sadar Upazila, you can take a rickshaw to the mosque adjacent to the shrine of Hazrat Baba Adam Shaheed (ra). Rent 25-30 rupees.

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