Foy's Lake

Chittagong, Bangladesh
Foy's Lake
Foy'z Lake is a man-made lake located in Khulshi area near Pahartali railway station in Chittagong. Fayez Lake is a wonderful picnic and recreation area that attracts thousands of local and international visitors. The lake was excavated in 1924 under the supervision of Assam-Bengal Railway Company. The purpose of making this lake was to supply water to the people living in the railway colony. At that time it was known as Pahartali Lake. The lake was later named after Faye, a British railway engineer who helped design it. Established on 338 acres of land, the lake is formed by the construction of a horizontal embankment in a narrow valley between the tops of the hills. The dam created this lake by changing the direction of flow of water coming down from the hill range in the northern part of Chittagong city. Geologically, these mountain ranges are composed of rocks of the Dupitila layer. Next to Fais Lake is Batali Hill, the highest hill in Chittagong city.

There is so much to see in this lake. As there are various ride arrangements for children, adults will also find the lake, the mountains all in a captivating environment. There are hills around the region and in the middle there are hearts named Arunamayi, Godhuli, Akashmani, Mandakini, Dakshini, Alaknanda. Rows and rows of boats can be seen on the shores of the lake. It takes tens of minutes to get on the boat. After that you will see a nice resort; Green hills on both sides, occasionally a couple of deer and a variety of unnamed birds. Along with this there is a place for deer to roam in a pleasant environment. A small zoo has been set up at the entrance of Fayez Lake to attract tourists. But the main attraction of Fayez Lake is undoubtedly the beauty of the lake and its surrounding hills.

At present, Concord, the largest construction company in Bangladesh, has set up an amusement park around the lake, where boat trips, landscaping, restaurants, trekking and concerts are organized for visitors. Visitors can take a boat trip to enjoy the breathtaking views of the lake. For this reason, there are different sized engine driven boats, speed boats and the traditional sampan of Chittagong in the lake. The amusement park has high speed roller coasters and bumper boats. There is also a leisure center where people of all ages and tastes are provided with something or other. People can feel the fun and excitement as well as the serenity at Foys Lake. ‘Sea World’ is a water theme park on Foys Lake. There are splash pools, water coaster rides and various rides in the modern water park at Sea World. If you go through the road adjacent to the city gate of the city, you can directly enter Sea World. However, if you go to C-World at the main entrance, you have to reach C-World by boat.

The Chittagong Zoo is located next to Fais Lake. Visitors can also rent a cottage. Many tourists from home and abroad flock here every year to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and natural beauty of the vicinity of Fais Lake.

Fay's Lake is located east of Pahartali Railway Station and west of Khulshi residential area.

How to get there
Buses or autorickshaws can be used to reach the place of interest.

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