Patenga Sea Beach

Patenga, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Patenga Sea Beach
The Karnaphuli River, which originates from the Lusai Hills in Mizoram, India, flows through Rangamati and Chittagong and joins the Bay of Bengal near Patenga Beach in Chittagong. The city dwellers came here to enjoy the beauty of the Bay of Bengal, freed from their monotonous life. The cyclone of 1991 caused extensive damage to the beach. At present, concrete walls and large boulders have been laid along the beach to prevent erosion. Under the Chittagong City Outer Ring Road project, there are plans to build a walkway at Patenga beach, beautiful and spacious seats, playgrounds, swimming facilities after bathing in the sea, modern and hygienic toilet facilities, car parking and jetty for safe disembarkation.

What to do on Patenga beach?
Lots of people gather at Patenga beach every afternoon of the week and on holidays. You have to wake up in the morning and go to the beach to watch the sunrise. If you want to go to the water in the afternoon, you can increase the level of happiness. However, the width of Patenga beach is not very wide and swimming in the sea is risky here. There is an opportunity to float in the sea by speed-boat. Sea bikes and horses are also available for sightseeing. For this, of course, the rent has to be calculated at a fixed rate per hour. Ships can be seen navigating the sea or flying overhead. Usually in the afternoon when the tide starts to come. Before the tide starts, the dam sinks a lot. The waves came ashore. Sunset view on Patenga beach in the evening is very beautiful. With the tightening of security, tourists can stay in peace till evening.

Along with the beach, in the shade of Zhaoban, there are many shops including food shops. The Bay of Bengal and the mouth of the Karnafuli River can be seen by walking along the northern side of Zhaoban. Patenga is the best place for delicious, watery street food at very low cost. One of the popular dishes in the grocery store is the fried crab with spices which is served with a plate of gram flour garnished with cucumber and onion. A Burmese market has also sprung up on the beach. There you can go back and buy your favorite shopping.

Shah Amanat International Airport, Bangladesh Naval Base BNS Isa Khan and many jetties of Chittagong Port are located near Patenga. Bangladesh Naval Academy is also located in Patenga. There is a butterfly park on the road to Shah Amanat Airport. The park has more than 1000 butterflies of 70 species. If you want to see butterflies, it would be better to go in the morning. Because after the afternoon they will go behind the bushes. It is possible to visit these spots at the same time while visiting Patenga beach.

How to get there
Buses or autorickshaws can be used to reach the place of interest.
Patenga beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bangladesh.
Patenga Beach is located just 14 kilometers south of the port city of Chittagong.

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