Puthia Rajbari

Puthia, Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Puthia Rajbari
Panchani Zamindarbari or Puthia Rajbari:
In 1895, Empress Hemantakumari Devi built the present rectangular two-storied palace in attractive Indo-European architecture. The pillars of the front of the building, the ornaments, the woodwork, the paintings of flowers and herbs on the walls and doors of the rooms bear the hallmarks of an excellent construction style. The roof of the palace is flat, iron beams, wooden beams and tiles have been used on the roof. Trenches were dug around the palace for safety.

How to get there:
Puthia is located 32 km north-east of Rajshahi district headquarters on the Natore Highway. You can reach Puthia by bus from anywhere in the country and you can easily reach Natore or Rajshahi by train.

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