Utshab Park

Bagha, Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Utshab Park
Utshab Park is located in Bagha upazila of Rajshahi district. The festival park has been developed on private initiative. Banani surrounded by greenery on all four sides. Touching the sweet path, the train is running in the light shade of the light sun near the mango orchard and the pond. Stopping at the address of the sky, the engine is running from one end to the other with colorful bogies, leaving the smoke blowing on the cheeks. Yes, even if only for a moment, the thought of such a trip floats in the mind. And the people of remote Bagha upazila of Rajshahi are being delighted with such joy. The new address of 'Utsav Park' has been inaugurated to evoke the urban feeling in the rural environment. Foreign Minister Shahriar Alam MP inaugurated the park at Bajubagha Natun Para village in the upazila. Apark is providing entertainment food to the rural people of remote upazilas. The tide of joy is flowing around the park especially in the minds of children and teenagers.

So now the crowd is going from morning to evening. Especially children have to talk. As if they have become intoxicated in a new festival. Many are coming to see from outside. Apart from the train, various rides including swings and whirlpools have already been set up in the park. There are sculptures of the lion king of the forest, the Royal Bengal Tiger, elephants and bears. Children are enjoying different levels of pleasure by climbing or moving on them. Wealthy businessman Azizul Alam has built the park on 60 bighas of land on a private initiative to increase the entertainment and employment of the people of the region. There is no substitute for a park as a major center of recreation around the world. Therefore, it is hoped that this park will one day play a special role in the development and prosperity of the tourist center. The park is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The entrance fee has been kept at 20 rupees. There are tickets for the same price to enjoy the rides. Apart from this, the park has a variety of delicious food including ice cream, phukka, chatpati, jhal-muri of various developed companies. As an alternative to electricity, it has its own generator and Ansar and security personnel for security. Azizul Alam, managing director of Utsav Park, said he saw some students picnicking on the banks of Padma Char and Baghar Dighi and thought of setting up a park and resort center. Later, he planned to build a resort and after considering all aspects, he built the park on 60 bighas of land at Baju Bagha in his upazila, 2 km north of the upazila headquarters.

How to get there:
The festival park can be reached by rickshaw / van / CNG 2 kmi north of the upazila headquarters.

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